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Moonseeker German Shepherds

Breeders of quality German Shepherds in Kent

Any litters bred here will be very carefully planned and given the best possible start in life. Our aim is to constantly improve on our lines so the pairing of the parents is of the utmost importance.

Our puppies health is of paramount importance to us, we will only ever breed from KC Registered, health tested parents with sound temperaments. Our puppies are born and raised in our busy family home and will be accustomed to the hustle and bustle and everyday noises that come with it.

From the moment they are born, they are carefully handled on a daily basis and once old enough,have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of adults, children and other dogs. From 5 weeks onwards they will also be introduced to carefully selected visitors. Carefully and sensitively exposing puppies to the sights and sounds that they will encounter throughout their daily life gives them the best opportunity to grow into well adjusted, balanced and confident adults. 

Our puppies are weaned onto a raw diet and will have been introduced to a variety of meats/bones/fish by the time they leave for their new homes. We provide a detailed book on raw feeding and a comprehensive guide to new owners on all aspects of raw feeding as well as a Natural Instinct starter pack of food to get you started when your puppy arrives home.

Your puppy will be Kennel Club registered and the  paperwork will be endorsed with the following endorsements:

''X'' - Not eligible for export

''R'' - Progeny not eligible for registration.

This is to help ensure the safe future of the puppies by discouraging indiscriminent breeding.

All puppies will be sold with a contract staing that should the puppy buyers be unable to keep the dog for whatever reason during its lifetime that they contact myself in the first instance. We will take back, or assist with rehoming any dog or puppy bred under the Moonseeker affix, to ensure that no pups or dogs bred by myself ever end up in rescue.

All puppy buyers are required to sign the contract stating that they understand the terms and conditions set out in our contract prior to taking their new puppy home.

If you would like to discuss our contract, please contact us.

Our puppies are bred first and foremost to be loving, loyal family pets which will lead a happy, active life and we do everything we can to ensure your puppy is well balanced and socialised when they leave at 8 weeks, however the rest is up to you.

Puppies require lots of time, patience and training to ensure they grow into well adjusted adult dogs. We recommend you enrol your new puppy into a training class. We can assist you in finding a suitable training class in your local area and will happily give advice on any aspect of training and behaviour throughout your dogs life.

We are aware that not everybody has a lifestyle/family environment that will suit ownership of a German Shepherd, therefore we reserve the right to refuse any person we deem unsuitable for one of our puppies. We will not sell puppies to homes where they will be left alone all day.      

All puppies will leave here with:

A full vet check incl 1st full vaccination  
Kennel Club Registration with pedigree
Puppy sales contract
4 weeks free pet insurance
A starter pack of raw food
A diet/care sheet incl a comprehensive book on raw feeding
Comfort blanket
A lifetime of help and advice from us